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Unleash your creativity - 10,000 unique, colorful NFTs on Ethereum. Witness the revolutionary color harmony system for yourself that makes each & every Hunny so visually satisfying, and fun to collect. The best place to start to explore The Bunny Kingdom.

Hunnys Seasons

Hunnys Seasons are rewards delivered monthly to Hunnys holders! Every month, a set of 5-7 brand new Seasons NFTs are minted. They introduce new characters & stories within the Hunnys universe. Themes voted on by community, then airdropped for free!

Hunnys Closet Shop

Welcome to the Hunnys Closet Shop! This is a collection of pieces that will immediately unlock specific traits for use in the Hunnys Closet, coming September 12! Some unlock single items, some unlock dyes, and some unlock full, matching sets of Closet items!

Hupe Scouts

The Official Hunnys Community-Owned Derivative Brand. This collection is grown, governed, & maintained by members of the Hunnys community, primarily within Discord. Plus, all creators receive an exclusive Haley the Hupe Scout NFT!

Hunnys OGs

Hunnys OGs is an exclusive collection of hand-drawn 1/1 avatars created by the artist CryptoStacys. The collection contains the first 100 hand-drawn Hunnys, which inspired the 10k collection, as well as 50 others by gift, commission, and invitation.


The award-winning Stacys collection is a unique and historic example of hand-drawn, 1/1 collectible pixel art NFTs. One of the earliest known women-led NFTs representing women, as well as one of the earliest animated pixel art collections by a female creator.