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Get ready to ~~sporkle~~ .. ~~speakel~~ .. SPARKLE!!! like the power of a million sparkly pieces of CANDY :angrysad:

The Skuzzy Sparkle Skin & Dye Set is a wild adventure that takes you to the MOON and back - literally!

This set of Dollys Skins and Dyes was dreamt up by SkuzzRat, a wonderfully gifted, talented tater tot within the Hunnys Community. This set will leave you wanting to sing "SPARKLE GANG PIZZA POWER!" every time you use it :sparkles:

Owning this unlocks the following set of Hunnys Closet Skins & Dyes (for use on all Hunnys Closet items):

Dye: Candy Cloud Paint

Dye: Cute Crater

Dye: Darknova Drip

Skin: Blushy Babe

Skin: Blushy Bombshell

Skin: Candy Cloud Sparkles

Skin: Crater Cutie

Skin: Darknova Demon

Skin: Skuzzy Sprinkle Cake

Skin: Velvety Night Nibbler

All pieces purchased within this Hunnys Closet Shop collection will immediately unlock the specified item(s) for use in the Hunnys Closet.

As long as you currently hold this token in the same wallet that you are connected with when using the Hunnys Closet, it will automatically be available for use - enjoy!

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