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Dude, where's my Dolly?

Vibe check. For all those days when you just gotta like, chill out and stuff, you know? It's like, a full set of W33D-based stuff that you can like, dress up your digital doll with? Dudeee, like, yes! Blaze it with your Dolly whenever you want, because life is good.

Owning this unlocks the following set of Hunnys Closet items: Background: W33D Trip Mouth: W33D Hang Mouth: W33D Straight Accessory: W33D Earrings Hat: W33D Shades Outfit: W33D Tie Dye Tee Hair: W33D Bun Face Sticker: W33D Sticker Eyebrows: W33D Brows

All pieces purchased within this Hunnys Closet Shop collection will immediately unlock the specified item(s) for use in the Hunnys Closet: https://closet.hunnys.io

As long as you currently hold this token in the same wallet that you are connected with when using the Hunnys Closet, it will automatically be available for use - enjoy!

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