Expression Pack 1


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Express yourself with this full set of fun new ways to make your Dolly more expressive than ever!

Find a mood that fits any occasion for use in conversation, reactions, emojis/stickers, and more!

Owning this unlocks the following set of Hunnys Closet items:

Eyes: Closed Eyes

Eyes: Shifty Eyes

Eyes: Eye Roll

Eyes: Cringe Eye

Eyebrows: Grumpy

Eyebrows: Surprised

Eyebrows: Upbrows

Eyebrows: Straight Brows

Eyebrows: Cringe Brow

Mouth: Open Mouth

Mouth: Frown

Mouth: Thin Lips

Mouth: Cringe

All pieces purchased within this Hunnys Closet Shop collection will immediately unlock the specified item(s) for use in the Hunnys Closet:

As long as you currently hold this token in the same wallet that you are connected with when using the Hunnys Closet, it will automatically be available for use - enjoy!

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